5 Holiday Interior Decorating Ideas for Your New Home

5 Holiday Interior Decorating Ideas for Your New Home

Are you looking to create a cozy, festive atmosphere where you can celebrate the season? Whether you’re a fan of timeless traditions or modern flair, here are five ideas to sprinkle a little holiday joy around your home.

Wreaths and Worded Garlands

Who says wreaths are only for front doors? Add them to your entryway, living spaces, even your washrooms or kitchens. Incorporating ‘Merry Christmas’ or other worded garlands can be a fun and eye-catching element in your decor. Complement these with pillows and stockings in various textures like plaid or velvet for a cohesive look.

Where to buy indoor wreaths: Michaels Canada offers a delightful range of indoor wreaths, from traditional greenery to modern designs.

Where to buy worded garlands: Etsy Canada is a treasure trove for unique, handcrafted worded garlands that add a personal touch.

Metallic Decor

Gold and silver decor can add sophisticated flair to your fireplace mantel or living area. These metallic accents can be balanced with wooden elements or artificial greenery for a rustic yet elegant feel. Incorporating small decorative pieces such as miniature trees and reindeer are excellent additions, creating a cohesive holiday theme throughout your home.

Where to buy metallic decor: Amazon Canada offers a wide selection of metallic decorations perfect for a refined look.

Cozy Textile Switch

Revamp your living spaces with plush, festive textiles. Switch out your everyday throw pillows and blankets with items in holiday hues like deep reds, vibrant greens, and shimmering golds and silvers. This simple change can instantly warm up any room, making it a snug retreat for those chilly winter nights.

Where to buy festive pillows and blankets: Simons provides a wide range of holiday-themed textiles.

Elegant Ornaments

Keep your holiday decor elegant and timeless with neutral-coloured ornaments. Mix a combination of silver and gold accents, which can create a classic and sophisticated look. Also, try adding neutral ornaments to your Christmas tree, complemented by occasional splashes of colour for a balanced and inviting appearance. Remember, a few star-shaped decorations can also add a festive touch without overwhelming your space.

Where to buy elegant ornaments: Canadian Tire offers stylish, sophisticated ornaments to beautify your holiday setting.

Holiday Table Setting

Set the stage for memorable holiday meals with a beautifully decorated table. Start with a festive tablecloth or runner, and complete the look with a centerpiece featuring candles, pinecones, and holly.

Where to buy holiday-themed tablecloths: Bed Bath & Beyond Canada provides a variety of festive tablecloths and runners to complete your holiday dining experience.

As you dive into these festive decorating ideas, imagine the laughter, the joy, and the heartwarming gatherings you’ll host in your new Cortel Group home. Happy decorating!

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