Spring 2018 Newsletter

June, 2018

Sunnier days are here to stay! As nature continues to bloom we now approach life with a brightened disposition and a reenergized state. At this time the word meraki [may-rah-kee] comes to mind. The definition of meraki is to do something with your soul, creativity, or love. In other words, to put “something of yourself” in your work or project, whatever it may be. Read More

Top Five Trails to Experience in Oakville

June, 2018

Take a walk outside, you deserve it. Oakville is a beautiful town with so much to see from parks and trails to beautiful gardens. Don’t be wasting your days locked up inside, go on one of many adventures waiting just for you. Experience the neighbourhood’s serene natural atmosphere and trek the trails of some of the most blissful parks hidden within Oakville. Read More

6 Smart Home Devices Perfect for Your Condo

May, 2018

It’s time to smarten up your home. There is no doubt that technology is everywhere. Let’s take advantage of this new age of technology and put these devices to work around your house. Check out the top 6 smart home devices. Read More

Condo Living and Electric Cars - 10 Things to Consider

April, 2018

Ever since their introduction to the marketplace, electric vehicle (EV) demand has continued to climb. According to plugndrive.ca, “In 2017, electric vehicle sales in Canada experienced a 56% growth increase and this upward trend is expected to continue.” The demographic for both condominiums owners and intenders, and electric vehicles leans towards young couples and urban professionals. Read More