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June, 2019


Cortel Group is proud to have partnered with best-in-class developers by supporting the advancement of Evergreen Brickworks and it’s creation of the City Builders Gallery. We are extremely pleased to be a part of bringing such a high-quality space to the city of Toronto. A space where all Torontonians can work, play and grow.

This innovative building has surpassed all expectation with keen planners going to great lengths to ensure its sustainability. The development’s largest space, the Kiln Building, aids in energy conservation resulting in environmental gains for all. It has been designed with a geothermal-solar energy system, energy efficient floors, gallery spaces, a brilliant window wall, and more. This year-round venue will provide a constructive space for leaders and city builders to gather and conceptualize new ideas for creating low-carbon city developments.


The center also serves as a hub for Future Cities Canada, a new nation-wide endeavor. The inaugural Future Cities Canada Summit recently brought together urban leaders, city builders and community members from all over to reimagine and reshape the urban agenda through idea generation and planning. The goal of this summit is to tackle critical questions and innovatively solve city challenges.


This captivating exhibit was specifically created for the unveiling of the City Builders Gallery at Evergreen Brickworks. Through a careful arrangement of lighting, audio and video, the artwork displayed all of the possibilities and potential of the City Builders Gallery by ingeniously interpreting city-building stories. Many willing participants sat down with Geoff Cape, Evergreen’s CEO to discuss issues facing cities around the GTA, particularly Toronto. The results and from this conversation were then interpreted into the exhibit through quotes and audio segments, allowing all who entered the exhibit to gain access to this insightful information. This fascinating exhibit was a huge hit with approximately 3000 people passing through it in the month of December.

We are excited to see the expansion and evolution of this amazing space in the near future. The venue will continue to serve as a creative and enlightening area which will focus on bringing attention to our impact on the urban environment and will encourage like-minded individuals to seek creative solutions. The next adaptation of this exhibit, Shifting Boundaries, will take a deeper look into the dialogue between city builder and city dweller, allowing our living experiences to be further interpreted.

We are confident in Evergreen’s ability to make our great city flourish. Making such a worthwhile investment into our city’s future will continue to improve the quality of life for us all. For more information about how Cortel is working to expand and improve cities throughout the GTA, click here:

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