March, 2018

Are YOU full of great ideas? YOU could help Vaughan win up to $10 MILLION!

Have YOU ever helped build a city? Are YOU full of great ideas? YOU could help Vaughan win up to $10 MILLION!

Everyone knows that Vaughan is one of Canada’s up and coming communities, and we’re growing fast! The Vaughan Metropolitan Centre (VMC) has been a hot topic for years, and now, the TTC Subway is operating all the way up to Millway and Highway 7 (just minutes from Cortel’s Expo City). 

But with great growth comes great responsibility. We need to plan and implement strategies regarding important topics like:

  • Keeping crime minimized
  • Providing jobs for the growing population
  • Preventing traffic and congestion
  • Keeping the environment clean and safe
  • Providing essential community services
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles for our citizens

The government of Canada has launched the Smart Cities Challenge to tackle all of the above and more, and Vaughan needs your help!

Visit - attend the city’s workshops and apply to join the task force. With your help, the city could win up to $10 million from the federal government to implement your ideas!

And your ideas aren’t only limited to Vaughan – other cities across Canada will also implement some of these winning ideas, so you could not just be helping to build a city, but an entire country!

So if you’re ambitious, motivated and up to the challenge, visit and help Vaughan today!

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