6 Ways to Create a Chemical-Free Home

6 Ways to Create a Chemical-Free Home

Your home should be a happy and healthy place. Little changes around the house can make a huge difference in your family’s health. We have complied a list of some of the simplest ways to reduce toxins in your home so that you can reap the benefits of a chemical-free space.

Strive for a cleaner, healthier and more natural lifestyle by living chemical-free, especially if you have a chronic respiratory condition like asthma. Little changes around your home make a big difference; just placing a few plants here and there can increase clean air flow and promote an environmentally-friendly living space.

  1. Natural Cleaning Products - Keep your home smelling lemony fresh by cleaning the floors and countertops with an actual lemon and a bit of white vinegar. Other natural cleaning products that can be easily accessible is baking soda, dish soap, table salt and hydrogen peroxide. These remedies are a great way to improve air quality and create a safe living environment for young children.
  2. Organic Paints - If you are deciding to re-paint your walls, choose non-toxic paint brands and finish solutions. These are usually oil-based products that release low level toxins into the air. Speak with your local home hardware store about the different options available.
  3. Avoid Non-Stick Cookware - Sometimes what is convenient for you isn’t always what is best for you. The invention of the non-stick pan is quite extraordinary, but what is important to realize is that the manufacturers needed to apply a chemical base in order for your food not to stick. The chemicals then seep into the food you’re consuming, potentially harming your internal organs.
  4. Organic Foods - We realize that organic foods are not normally the most affordable option. However, if you can try incorporating some organics into your diet, this is extremely beneficial for your personal health. Or, you can try growing your own herbs and veggies by your window or on your balcony. Non-organic foods are sprayed with chemical preservatives to make the food appeal aesthetically pleasing to buyers, so not only are you ingesting these chemicals into your body, but you are also allowing them into your home.
  5. Avoid Plastic Food Containers - The chemicals used to make food containers are designed to harden the plastic in its form. Although plastic containers are economical and practical, they’re not exactly the greatest, especially when you heat your food inside of them. Instead, switch to glass containers and just be extra cautious when handling and storing.
  6. Natural Oils - Switch your air fresheners to natural burning oils and stay away from artificial fragrances. Sage is a wellness shop that offers a variety of natural diffusers available for purchase. Additionally, their products are also an excellent stress reliever. https://www.saje.com/ca/home/


There are so many benefits to creating a chemical free home. These are just some of them:

  1. Using clean products makes you feel good and more energized (i.e. Organic foods help with digestion and weight control).
  2. You will have clear, smooth skin because of the fresh air quality.
  3. These changes will uplift your home environment and we all know a positive setting creates a positive mindset.
  4. You will also be helping the environment.

Feel safe at home and try these minor tricks to maintain a chemical-free environment.

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